Celebrate the joy of creativity and start painting today! 

This is a course for women reclaiming their wisdom and voice. It's designed for beginner painters wishing to paint from their soul, and experienced painters wishing to liberate authentic creativity.  

Includes easy to follow videos demonstrating the Basics, plus THREE PAINTINGS!  

Paint today! $139 $99

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Experience a spirit-filled path of painting, accessing your own deep wisdom. We are utilizing paint as a portal to our soul. 

How we move through the painting process IS the course. Staying present to our experience is our practice, as we allow our muse to tell our story in ways we could not hear before.

Energetically, you will learn how to paint the divine feminine.  

Technically, you will learn how to paint a woman’s face, but the real learning is what you will discover along the way.  

You'll receive

  • Easy to follow, powerful videos in how to paint the divine feminine
  • Gentle guidance and support in deepening your intuition, & artistic Voice
  • The magic of holding art as a mirror and powerful teacher of transformation
  • New ways of relating to your critic’s voice so it can relax and give up control  

What's included

Part 1 offers basic painting techniques for painting the feminine face

Part 2 introduces the intuitive “Allowing” approach encouraging Trust in your own internal guidance  

  • All course materials are downloadable immediately
  • Step by step videos, PDFs of templates, and written lesson instructions 
  • Gentle guidance and support in deepening your Intuition & artistic Voice
  • Guided Visualization, to connect & paint with the Divine Feminine
  • Easy to follow videos demonstrating THREE APPROACHES to painting the feminine; abstract expressionism, vibrant color, and translucence  

This Self-Pace program is fully downloadable! Enjoy painting in the privacy of your home, on your own time schedule!

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Sink into the basics, let go of the rules and trust your intuition...

Creating Sacred Space

We'll anchor our connection to the Divine by honoring sacred space for our soul.

Basic Fundamentals

We'll learn to easily sketch features and play with a limited color palette to create proportion and beautiful contouring techniques. 

Soul Vibrance Painting

Through guided visualization, we'll paint from the ESSENCE of Spirit within.

Translucent Priestess Painting 

Experience the joy of painting from pure intuition and spontaneous Flow.

Abstract Expressionism

Loosen up and find your own authentic artistic voice.

Gorgeous Student Artwork

Marlie Verboeket

Nina Wictorin

Babula Clement

Deborah Ward

Joos Bouwmeester

Arielle Javanna Nielsen

Robin Jackson

Excited to unleash your creative spirit? Start today for $139 $99

*After payment, wait to be redirected back to this site for instant course access*

Meet Flora Aube

Flora founded the Art of Allowing Academy to provide a sanctuary for the soul. She believes we are all inherently creative beings that have the power to co-design a harmonious world of cooperation through conscious creativity. By bringing better educational skills that empower the feminine principles of receptivity, listening, intuition, connection and communion, we can make that dream possible. By participating in safe, sacred art circles we practice witnessing and holding space for the wisdom of every member, and learn how to shape loving communities which honor challenge, transformation and Joy. Flora leads the 'Art of Allowing' Facilitator Training, Online Courses, and Live Retreats.  

Flora combines 18 years of painting with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, bodywork, and leadership as an education director to infuse her teaching style with a deep connection to mind, body, and spirit. You can read more about Flora and her art at floraaube.com

All art on this page by Flora Aube and students as noted. Copyright 2018